DrivingLABS Driving School Software: Starting at $5 / Month

DrivingLABS Driving School Management System BROCHURE PDF

DrivingLABS Driving School Management contains numerous features that can help driving schools run their business more efficiently. Its Web based, tried and tested. Sign up today for a FREE TRIAL.

One great advantage our software offers is its scalability and flexibility for data management. Some schools use several different software packages to run their business, but with our software you will be able to manage the most important aspects of your business using a single software. This includes front end CRM functionality, to scheudling, billing, receivables management and communication to branch and franchise management.

How Our Software Works

DrivingLABS Driving School Management offers completely Web-based data management. Driving school owners, instructors, customer support staff, students, and parents can all access the system using the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We keep our software and each school's database on servers located behind a secure firewall in a data center.

Integrated Online Enrollment

Our software can enable your school to take student enrollments directly from your Web site. All information is saved directly into your database. We can also have ability to process credit cards on your behalf, where funds go directly into your account. This feature does require your school to have a merchant account. With our integrated credit card processing feature we can fully automate online enrollment.

Instructor and Student Availability: Double-Booking Proof

Graphically displayed availability will enable you to make the best decisions about which instructors and which vehicle to use for driver education. You will also be able to enter student availability, if you wish. Having student availability entered prior to scheduling helps further streamline the scheduling process.

Functionality Spec

  • CRM System to Manage Leads
  • Notification System for Instructors and Office Admin
  • Calendar for Lesson Scheduling
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Communication Tools
  • Franchising