Great Tips on finding more clients for your private tutoring business….

Great Tips on finding more clients for your private tutoring business….

Education is one of the world’s largest industries, while globally parents are anxious about the quality of their children's education – ranging from large classes and fixed and inflexible curriculum standards to dicey instruction methods. Some of the factors often make it hard for schools to meet the needs of all learners. On the other hand parents themselves have insufficient time to help their children with schoolwork.

It is these concerns amongst many that have led to the growth of the private tutoring business, which seek to help students thoroughly comprehend what was taught in class and for future preparedness. In the face of a great demand for this service, private tutors and tutoring agencies need to come up with creative, practical and cost effective strategies to attract more clients to their services. This great demand has led to a lot of competition in the private tutoring industry. You need to therefore to design congruent marketing strategies which will be effective and conscious to cost. Here are a few tips you can follow to help grow your client list.

  1. Improve your marketing plan

    Developing a marketing plan based on your overall business goals will keep you focused and help identify your strongest promotional options. Operating in a competitive you need to know your target market and its needs, as well as how you those needs will be met. This means considering the types of services you offer such as the of subjects you provide assistance with, the platform you use (online, home visits etc.), and the age group of your students, as well as areas of service. Establish a marketing plan, remembering the key elements of any effective marketing plan include the concepts of product, price, place and promotion, also known as the four Ps of marketing. The marketing mix of the four Ps functions as a guide to help the you successfully develop a strategy for promoting products and services to customers.

  2. Find multiple ways to advertise your business

Gone are the days where the only modes of advertising were TV, radio and the general print media such as newspapers /classifieds. You need to look beyond the traditional methods of advertising. Since tutoring is a specialized service, businesses can seek out creative ways to reach potential clients with a well planned and executed advertising strategy. These include advertising your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, providing flyers and business cards in schools, placing adverts in newsletters, posters in libraries, marketing banners at sport fields, notice boards at supermarkets, community notice boards in your suburb and signage on your notice board.

An alternative way to market additional services to your existing clients is via the affiliate marketing tool sand time sheet and lesson summary notifications found within the TutorLABS system. Its a great way to keep you in the mind of your easiest market – YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS.

  1. Network

Networking plays a crucial role in the progress of one’s business and forms part of word of mouth advertising. Tell other education business's about your brand, friends and family, join local business forums and form strategic partnerships with other organizations such as schools and universities. Possibly even offer cash rewards for referral business, or free lessons to existing clients. Holding a FREE group refresher course is a great way to get people talking about your services.

  1. Online Marketing

A good website – with good search engine optimization (SEO) — is your most important marketing tool in today's digital world. How professional you are says a lot about your business, you need an appealing, easy to navigate and well functioning website. It needs to contain comprehensive information about your services and well displayed contact details. Allow visitors and members to subscribe to your e-newsletter create an open blog where members are able to comment and share your blog entries. Always including testimonials, they create a great impression for your services.

Here at MatchingLABS, we offer a great portfolio of already made tutoring Website, all integrated with our state of the art Tutoring Business management system which covers everything from basic CRM functionality, scheduling and billing tools, as well as some great marketing applications.

  1. Franchising

Regardless of whether your tutoring business is small, medium or large, franchising plays an enormous role in the growth of any business. At its heart, franchising allows you to expand your brand to other regions, increase the scope of services provided, and simplify your management structure. Our next newsletter article will focus on everything Franchising…… so look out for it.


  1. Innovation and creativity….the secrets of success

Thinking “out of the box”, creating new and existing services, products and technologies is at the heart of innovation. Understanding exactly what your clients are looking for should be your starting point. Whether its building an app to assist with study note management, communication tools which allow you to take advantage of online tutoring, reminder management solutions to reduce no shows or that cool tutoring pen to record lesson instruction for playback and sharing, there are literally an unlimited number of ways private tutors can innovate, usually very inexpensively for great reward.

We always open to suggestions and ideas as we develop or management system, so share your thoughts with us, we are very good at listening. For more information on the TutorLABS management system simply go to and sign up for the FREE account here:

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