20 Proven Tips for Driving Schools to Increase Leads, Sales and Profitability

Whether you are a driving school owner or a private driving school instructor you need to ensure that you have a constant flow of quality leads which you are able to easily convert into sales. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some guidance and tips on how to increase the leads your driving school business receives.

Lets first accept one fact, most people living in the Western World will at some time in their live be required to drive a motor vehicle. The point is, the pipeline of pupils you need to sustain your livelihood and to grow your business is out there, you just gotta go out and gettem. The easiest way to do this is to spend a bit of time on a weekly basis on marketing activities related to increasing the leads in your driving school. Of course, utilizing a management system that can assist you with these marketing activities will allow you to become much more effective at what you do and how you spend your time.

You gotta do certain things that will maximize your chances of getting their inquiries and build those into your daily / weekly activity plans. You might not think you have enough time to do this, but getting it right is the secret to opening up your schedule and building quality, sustainable leads that will actually open up your time or allow you to hire a part time or full time marketing specialist.

Driving schools, like tutoring agencies, have a high rate of customer turnover and it is therefore imperative that you have the right strategies in place that provide value.

The easiest way to grow your leads is through existing students (Their siblings, friends and family and colleagues)

  1. Contact Tutoring Agencies in your area and ask them to enter into refer arrangements for students. You might be compelled to pay them finders fees or commissions which could build up over time and become lucrative business.
  2. Utilize online marketing solutions such as Google Places and Google Adwords. If you need assistance with this we can help you get on board in a matter of time by putting you into contact with some really creative and dynamic folks.
  3. Stay in touch with your old students once they have passed their driving exams.  DrivingLABS has a pretty nice built in feature that allows you to quickly contact past driving school students with the click of a button.
  4. Get into contact and form relationships with valuable and honest motor insurance brokers, this way not only will you be building rapport with them, they will start to see you as a trusted adviser.
  5. Contact past and current students to offer advice about driving on bad roads, lots of surface water or even low sun and visibility. This will show them that you care and have their well being in your thoughts. Communication is KEY.
  6. Friend them on FaceBook and share links with them which are related to driving activities and your driving school.
  7. Get them to like your FaceBook page and comment on your blog. Obviously it would be even better if they shared these links with their friends and colleagues.
  8. Provide them with advise regarding vehicle choice and service stations, even going so far as maybe establishing relationships with Car dealerships who offer special discounts.
  9. Make sure you are easy to find on Google, Google Places and Yahoo, even if you have a basic Website only make sure your name, credentials school name and contact details are on this.
  10. Register on directories for driving instructors. Some are FREE and some are paid for. There are plenty of FREE directories such as http://www.aboutdrivingschools.com. This will also increase your organic SEO for certain keywords such as "Driving schools".
  11. Build a good relationship with the person that pays for the lessons. This person is most likely to refer you business if you provide them with an incentive, even a rebate. These are usually parents of guardians.
  12. Offer to take their sibling as a back seat passenger on a lesson. Beware however of your insurance requirements and always get the permission of their parents first.
  13. Utilize the DrivingLABS Affiliate Marketing tool, allowing you to quickly and easily pay your students for referring leads and clients directly to you. You can even discount their lessons on the basis of closed sales.
  14. When you take your student home from a test pass talk to the parents about their other children or friends. Ask parents to pass on your card to their friends and offer them cash rewards.
  15. Book the next sibling in for a lesson on their 15th  / 16th or 17th birthday. This is usually done depending on the age of driving in your country.
  16. Contact schools and place adverts in the schools newsletters. This is a very effective way to get into touch with new students.
  17. Provide license testing booking services and other related services.
  18. Put marketing adverts and flyers into Driving School books, manuals and magazines.
  19. Form relationship with testing instructors at booking centers.
  20. Contact school administrators and find out about grant programs and driving lesson outsourcing opportunities.

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