In today's highly competitive business environment, everyone agrees that business creativity is essential to any business's long term success. After all, the opposite of creativity is stagnation in which ideas for better ways of doing things are not encouraged and motivated. Recent reseach even indicates that management often kill business creativity by not being willing to consider challenging concepts and ideas. Always remember that as you strive for innovation and creativity, failure is a part of the process. This process must be embraced and the shapes of creativity changed until the right outcome is achieved.

Business creativity is more than just "Thinking out of the box". It needs a structured process, detailed analysis and effective brainstorming. Creativity should be broken down into 5 steps:

  1. Doubt everything you know and believe in your driving business. Markets and Industries change.
  2. Probe and question the possible, ignore the impossible. Explore all the options around you.
  3. Create as many new and exciting ideas as you can, no matter how crazy they might appear at first.
  4. Evaluate all your ideas, select those that might result in breakthrough achievements and results. Determine which are feasible (this might entail putting together a feasibility study and a small business case). Implement those that you have determined to be feasible in the short and medium term.
  5. Never stop dreaming and thinking up new ideas. This process is continuous in nature and never ends.

The goal is to create a genuine game changer that is long lasting.

5 Example of Business Creativity for Driving Schools:

  1. Find creative ways of utiizing your vehicles for extended hours during the day. This might entail introducing night time driving classes, registering as an UBER driver and getting students to assist with after hours taxi services or even pooling vehicles into a delivery service.
  2. Increase your service offering. Again, think of new and exciting services you can introduce into your business. These might include student test booking services, introducing test simulation services, advertising opportunities on vehicles, cross segment marketing by passing on leads to other industries (such as the motor insurance market or used vehicle dealerships).
  3. Create networks of instructors that are sub contracted out. This way you can reduce your monthly overhead and still earn a return by charging a markup on the lessons provided. DrivingLABS includes a dedicated instructor registration and matching solution which can easily be used to create a dynamic community of driving instructors. Register for a FREE Trial at
  4. Introduce dynamic affiliate marketing solutions in your business by paying students for referrals. This might also include marketing supplementary solutions to your students from third parties. Developing your own instructors guide for your students is a great way to get referral business, especially if the guides are either FREE or very cost effective. They can easily be distributed via your Website via an information gathering form.
  5. Don't just look to Facebook to drive your social media presence. Have you heard of VINE? Vine is a great tool that allows you to create and share short 6 second video clips. Create cool and fun videos that appeal to the younger crowds.

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