How to Open a Driving School Business

by Luke Arthur, Demand Media

Before you can get out on the road and start driving, you have to learn the basics of how to drive a car. Attending a driving school is one way that an individual can learn how to drive a car. Since the majority of people need to learn how to drive at some point, opening a driving school could potentially provide you with a lucrative business that is always needed. Before opening your driving school, it is important to understand the steps involved.

Step 1

Become a driving instructor. Before you can teach others how to drive through a driving school, you must become a certified driving instructor. Most states require you to take an exam and pay a fee before you can become certified as an instructor. You also typically have to have a certain amount of experience driving.

Step 2

Set up the legal aspects of your driving school. If you plan on operating under a business name, register that business name with your county clerk. You may also want to incorporate your business or start it under a limited-liability company. If you wish to incorporate, file articles of incorporation with your state and pay a filing fee. If you wish to start a limited-liability company, file articles of organization and pay a filing fee. Also obtain a business license so that you can engage in business in your area.

Step 3

Submit a copy of your curriculum and student contracts to the state, if required. This way, the state can approve of the information that you will be teaching. You may also have to undergo a background check and pay a fee to register your business with the state.

Step 4

Secure a place to do business. You could potentially start working out of your home. You could also lease or buy a location for your driving school. You do not necessarily need a large space, but you need somewhere that potential customers can come or contact. Most driving schools also have some classroom space in which to teach students.

Step 5

Purchase a vehicle or multiple vehicles, depending on how big of a business you want to start. You'll need a dedicated vehicle to use for teaching your students. Some schools use cars specially designed for driving school as they allow the instructor to take over at any point from the passenger seat.

Step 6

Buy any other equipment that you will need for your driving school. For example, you may need a simulator that allows you to teach students before they ever get in the vehicle. You may also need desks, office equipment, a computer system and phones.

Step 7

Advertise your business as much as possible. Promote the fact that you can help new drivers pass their driver's license exam and that you can help drivers lower their insurance premiums. Some potential avenues to advertise through are the Internet, radio, television and print. You may also want to advertise on billboards in your area.